Although pale skin tones can look very beautiful and elegant, most of them have a hard time not only finding the right products but also adapting to strong weather changes. Here are the most important tips that people with fair skin should remember:

  1. Sunscreen:
    Fair skin is particularly sensitive to the sun and therefore requires stronger protection. A daily moisturizer or a foundtion that contains SPF is therefore obligatory in the warm seasons. If it’s really hot or if you spend a day on the beach, it is especially important to protect your skin with sunscreen. This not only prevents sunburn on sensitive skin but also skin aging.
  2. The right foundation:
    One of the biggest problems for women with very pale skin is to find the right foundation color. Most makeup brands often skip the lighter shades and start their range with darker tones. So if you really want to find the perfect color, you should start looking more into the high-end stuff rather than the drugstore products. There are some foundations that are more than perfect for very fair skin. Bobbi Brown for instance has a Foundation in the color ’00 – Alabaster’, which is nearly white and will not disappoint pale skin types.
  3. Less is more:
    As for the rest of the makeup, you should not exaggerate when having a very light skin type. Stay away from orange-colored bronzers or harsh blacks. Instead choose a dark brown eyeliner or mascara to achieve a softer look. With rosy blush you can emphasize your delicate skin shade by simply applying it to the apples of the cheeks and blending it out properly. A bright highlighter can make you shine on top. Products such as the ‘Mary-Lou Manizer’ by theBalm have the perfect shade that matches pale skin.