Mustang represents both know-how and expertise when it comes to denim. For over 80 years, Mustang has been producing and selling denim wear all over the globe. What makes the brand unique is the combination of the perfect fit and the high quality of the jeans. As one of the leading brands for denim wear, Mustang does not bother with short-lived trends but focuses on long-lasting classics.

For quite some time already, Mustang has been focusing on expanding their clothing line to add to their product range. The brand’s history is marked by innovations, and they always successfully surprise as well as enlighten their loyal customer base with new denim fashion. The brand’s latest innovation is called RealXJeans and is made out of special stretch fabric. In a nutshell, this means that the beloved denim look can now be paired with an even better fit and comfort.

Mustang is known for focusing on what is important, which makes the company stand out from the rest. The only thing that is not perfectly convenient at Mustang is the fact that its customers have a hell of a difficult time choosing amongst all those fabulous designs and fits.

The afore-mentioned quality does not only apply to pants only but also to denim shirts and jackets. The rest of the product range features different shades of blue and can be spotted in the occasional blouse, sweater or t-shirt.

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