High class jeans are usually distinguished by their refined design and, as a statement piece, they often define the character of an entire outfit. Dolce & Gabbana offers us this kind of jeans fashion which stands out due to exceptional designs. Quality and style meet each other and herald a new era of jeans. The jeans by Dolce & Gabbana are simply one-of-a-kind and ensure exclusivity.

They speak volumes and provide an unprecedented wow-effect. Extravagant details bring the jeans to the next level. In the womenswear section, the jeans definitely belong to the more luxurious casual line. Uncountable amazing details and the great fit define these pieces.

The current product palette consists of mainly washed details, cut-outs and patches. Jeans in the used-look or patchwork style are modern, yet unique. The used-look is also used for the men’s jeans which follow an elegant line with their slim-fit designs. The denim selection for the man impresses us with individual tops besides plain and colorful jeans.

They include pea coats, jeans shirts, blazers and jackets in the washed look. While the men’s collection is rather focused on subtle charm, the women’s line impresses with a love for details such as floral embroideries. Find your own showpieces at our online-shop today!

More information: www.dolcegabbana.com, www.styletrieb.com