Although the Oktoberfest is already over, I refuse to deprive you of the trendy German Trachten shorts. One of the reasons for the current hype is that they aren’t only made for men, but also replace the classic dirndl in a cool way. The enthusiasm is also a result of the breakaway from traditional leather, as the modern Trachten shorts show up in a new denim look.

It’s an experiment, a mixture of denim and Trachten shorts that currently captures the fashion scene’s heart. They usually come in the classic Trachten design, but the unusual material quickly changes the overall picture. Trachten shorts made of jeans also include other models that fulfil the demands of a traditional look, but just differ in their material. Denim dominates the line, but you will also find things like jersey.

These sassy denim shorts by the brand Stockerpoint for instance prove that Trachten fashion is still full of surprises nowadays. You’ll still find typical details such as embroideries, lacings and the bib, but only the overall image changes. While leathered Trachten shorts have long been must-haves for the Oktoberfest, they’re now followed by denim versions that are taking over the traditional pieces. Visit our online shop to find the newest trends of Trachten fashion for both men and women!

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