Denim is a matter very close to my heart, because I believe there’s nothing like this amazing cotton fabric. I love denim and all its facets, from the blue jeans to the bleached denim jacket. Also, it’s the only fabric that can easily emphasize and individualize your look.

Although it’s easy to create highlights with denim, its expressive power is still unique, which is why jeans fashion has always been ranked at the top for decades. However, if you want to achieve the best effect, you should choose an extravagant version rather than basics. Denim is rebellious, young and fresh, but also extravagant and simple. With the help of denim, your personality is emphasized without appearing overloaded.

What’s a festival without your favorite pair of jeans, a bonfire night without your jeans jacket your father used to wear? Denim tells of a never ending story because it is made-to-last. Each garment has its own charm you can benefit from, which is why you really need to check out these statement pieces!

My favorites are the nonchalant mom jeans, the used jeans jacket and vintage jeans skirt. This will make you stand out of the crowd. Trust me, you will love them! Denim pieces are also a must for guys! How about the oversized jacket or skinny jeans?