Gin tonic is a classic amongst all long drinks. If you want to find out the expertise of a bar, then get a gin tonic. If the gin tonic is not good, the rest on the menu will most probably be a disappointment as well.

Then again, why would you want something else on the menu considering the fact that a gin tonic is the king of all long drinks, the epitome of pure bliss? There is nothing better than ending your day with a gin tonic after a hard work day, surrounded by friends and enjoying a chill and stylish environment.

The Gin & Tonic Bar in the Friedrichstraße 113 in Berlin is offering a menu packed with amazing drinks. You can enjoy a variety of gin-based beverages here. If you are a real gin connoisseur, you should pay this extraordinary bar in the heart of Berlin a visit and order a gin tonic…

Gin & Tonic Bar

Friedrichstr. 113
10117 Berlin

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