Today we will look at an alternative to improve the skin without using abrasive treatments or over-priced skin care products. The market is flooded with products ranging from moisturizer to toner, peelings to masks and yet we still can’t be sure which one really makes a difference.

That is precisely the reason why some choose alternative methods to enhance their overall skin appearance. You can find this medical allrounder in almost every household because it works wonders against colds, joint pains and muscle tension: the infrared lamp. Now, it has been proven that infrared radiation has beneficial effects on both the skin texture as well as the reduction of wrinkles. That is due to the fact that the usage of IR radiation triggers the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis.

Another upside to this method is the low level of discomfort users experience during this treatment. There is a relatively low to non-existent risk of infection and scarring. Furthermore, a scientific study ascertained that IR radiation does not cause burns or inflammation if exposure is kept at a moderate level.

Many still fear radiation treatments due to lack of knowledge, yet I believe that IR therapies can crucially supplement our skincare regimen at home.

Image: © Philips
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