For the past few years, shabby chic has become more and more popular. This form of interior design is created by old and new items without looking seedy, but its name comes from the intended used-look touch. Chipped paint and untreated wood are widely accepted nowadays. Shabby chic is where flea market stuff meets statement pieces. Special patterns and colors romanticize the whole design.

Natural materials are the design’s trademark, particularly wood, linen and leather. The furniture appears in a used-look, which creates a cozy touch. Pieces like leather couches or the mirrored dressers are indispensable and completed by various accessories.

The shabby chic look reveals a visible feminine touch which is especially caused by the numerous décor items. Pillows, blankets and frames match the furniture. Mat pastel colors, lavender, soft blue and rose are mixed with antique white in order to achieve the romantic look.

The entire design is then refined by pieces like grandma’s crochet blanket, homemade décor items and candleholders from the flea market. This wild mix creates a calm, playful atmosphere which is mainly dominated by a lot of wooden furniture. Romance meets subtle elegance in a framework where everything is allowed.