Not always are we satisfied with the decorating ideas we see in shops, hence my motto: Do It Yourself! Homemade decoration breathes a unique charm into your premises. Often, it doesn’t even require much effort, since old things can be quickly transformed into new ones if you follow the right tips.

My first tip deals with individual room lighting. A lamp can of course be quickly bought in a shop, but homemade lights aren’t that easily outdone in their uniqueness. You want an individualized lampshade or a one-of-a-kind light string? You won’t need a lot more than jars or bottles as well as holders and bulbs. The bulbs can be fastened in the glasses and then constructed on the ceiling. Using differently colored glasses varies the look and changes the structure of the light.

This leads me to my second tip, which has to do with glass bottles, as you can simply use them as candle holders, creating a vintage touch inside your four walls. You can use a simple candleholder, which you place on the bottle. Dark wine bottles create a completely different image compared to white water ampoules. You can also simply remove the bottom of the bottle and put it over a candle.

In order to maintain the style, I recommend staying with glass decorations. You can even also use glass bottles as vases. Instead of keeping the bottle in its original design, you can embellish it however you like. Leave them as they are or fix them on your walls and put some flowers in them.

DIY is getting more and more popular. Try out my tips and transform your home into a haven of coziness!

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