The patchwork design keeps appearing in the fashion world every now and then, and never really vanishes. Patchwork refers to re-knotting different patches to create a new overall picture. This technique often makes use of old fabrics in order to create something new. The result is a combination of different patches deliberately jumbled together.

In fashion, patchwork can be particularly seen on jackets and pants. This special look ensures a unique charm which, in my opinion, embodies freedom. All kinds of fabrics are mixed, making the garments look very casual. Currently, it’s all about denim where pieces of different jeans’ fabrics are put together into jackets and pants.

The reason for telling you all of this is the various ideas you can adopt to beautify your home. You don’t need to be a great talent to create patchwork designs. Small mistakes or sloped seams actually make the designs even more special.

Patchwork blankets and pillows are currently conquering many living rooms. Their playful look warms up your home and the homemade ones especially emphasize this effect. Patchwork is definitely the new chic!

Image: © MissMessie