Urban Outfitters

Despite modern inventions, technology and the unstoppable process of urbanization, nature will always stay a powerful and, more importantly, beautiful force in this world. Inviting Mother Nature into one’s home has never been this trendy. Be it flowers, plants or miniature bonsai trees – they bring calm and serenity into our four walls and fill us with energy. In order to make your room look more comfortable, lively and cozy at the same time, you should definitely throw away your dusty plastic flowers.

Buy real flowers! They will not only shed their beautiful perfume, they will add color to your home and make it look much more snug and homely. Potted plants are obligatory as well if you place value on a stylish interior design.

Apart from flowers and plants, you can accessorize your room with decorative stones, shells, feathers, tree branches or even animal skulls to show your love for nature.

Image: ©  www.urbanoutfitters.com