Russia is a country where vodka is probably considered the national drink, which is why I’m going to show you the country’s most precious luxury vodkas that can spice up any drink! As we all know, when it comes to vodka, it’s all about the quality. Not only are the tastes different, but even the day after shouldn’t become a torture after one drink. The high-end vodkas from Russia make the refreshing beverage a stimulant and are the basis of new cocktails.

Drinks like the Moscow Mule are extremely successful in this country. The only question that remains is which vodka would be the right one for the cocktail. So here’s a guide to the most luxurious vodkas in Russia, a guaranteed pleasure. These brands put vodka in a better light and show that men (or women) can indeed enjoy vodka on ice.

A Russian luxury for vodkas is Beluga, whose first edition was produced in 2002. The Beluga Noble Russian Vodka unfolds a unique flavor, a result of masterly work. After having been triply filtered, the natural ingredients’ unique characters flourish completely. The result is a softer, more rounded flavor, created by a secret formula of water, malt alcohol and a gestation period.

The vodka brand Stolichnaya also launched a luxurious version of the Russian staple drink with their Elit line which is made based on a centuries-old recipe that even the Tsar got to enjoy. The secret cereal mixture is newly produced every year and gives the Elit Vodka its unique touch. The Russian standard, however, is more affordable and has become very popular in the world thanks to its mild flavour. With these three classy vodkas, you can not only impress your friends, but also mix up the perfect drinks!

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