David Koma is a young designer who has made it his trademark to transcend borders. His fashion pieces are both expressive and strong and contains the wow element. His talent allows him to explore the whole range of womenswear and is the reason why he has such a distinctive signature. Some of the core elements of his design concept are avant-garde elements, something that will hopefully impress you just as much as it impressed me.

Whether we’re dealing with leather or knit, his passion to explore makes him brave – brave enough to mix different materials in his collections. His aim is to provide his customers the best possible fashion experience so that they can explore other facets of their characters through the clothes. The details and accents provide additional support to individual pieces in their fundamental finesse.

Details such as draped materials, cut-outs or colors splashing here and there are what makes David Koma a genius. The best thing about him is probably the fact that he seems to never get tired of life. He provides his loyal customer base with innovations on a regular basis.

It seems like his personal favorites include mini dresses that come in so many different variations: glitters, funky, chic or neat, you name it, he probably has it. This winter, David Koma focuses on nudes in combination with black, blue and orange, with which the designer presents his interpretation of femininity, including leather of course.

More information: www.davidkoma.com