Irina Shayk

Long legs, a slim silhouette and a lovely face. Slavic women are known to be stunningly beautiful. Top models like Natalia Vodianova, Natascha Poly or Irina Shayk for instance are graced with a beauty that is second to none in the world. However, I think there are many hearts out there that only beat for athlete Alina Kabajewa who is referred to as Putin’s mistress. She is blessed with an extraterrestrial grace that is capable of even bringing heads of state to their knees.

Maja Kondraschowa, head physician of the Institute for Aeshtetic Medicine is of the opinion that this phenomenon is no divine afflatus. According to Kondraschowa, the secret of Slavic beauty lies in their genetic predisposition. Scientists have already proven that Slavic skin is firmer and characterized by subcutaneous adipose tissue that benefits wrinkle-free skin. Another striking factor promoting Slavic beauty is the fact that East European women carry the genes of different nationalities. After all, genetic diversity evidently benefits health and attractiveness.

In addition, the weather conditions in Slavic countries have a favorable effect on the complexion of East European women. The reduced sun exposure prevents wrinkles that are caused by UV radiation.

Nevertheless, there are also a couple of socio-cultural aspects that positively affect the beauty of Slavic girls. In fact, for many Russian women for instance it is only natural to take care of themselves and their looks from a very early age on. Putting on makeup, getting dressed elegantly – looking great is part of their everyday life because they want to please themselves and feel good in their skin, which is an attitude clearly reflected by their overwhelming charisma.

However, some experts say that the beauty cult also stems from the competitive pressure that affects the lives women in Russia due to the demographic disproportion in the country of bears and tigers with only 88 men for 100 men. Furthermore, it is seen as a cultural norm or even obligation as a woman to marry a man and have children some day. This is the reason the pressure is high, which is why many Russian women rely on their beauty as the ultimate weapon when it comes to seducing a man.

Image: © Irina Shayk