Most women are afraid to work out during their pregnancy. They think that extreme exercising could harm not only themselves but also their baby. However, this is not the case as long as you do it right.

On the one hand, it is important to stay active. Lazing around is a no-go during pregnancy. Exercising does not only prevent gestational diabetes but also helps to avoid the so-called baby blues. It can reduce the effects of hormonal changes and helps prevent sleepless nights.

However, you should not exaggerate. The important thing is to work out as long as you feel comfortable. You should definitely stop as soon as you feel like you are out of breath. A good rule is to work out as long as you can still talk while exercising without any effort.

Since the risk of hurting yourself is higher when pregnant due to the connective tissue being much softer than usual, it is important to wear well-padded shoes and avoid abrupt movements or even sports like team sports or competitive sports. Swimming, jogging, walking, aerobics or yoga are perfect during pregnancy.