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The perfect look for fall can be admired at on the official Shiseido website. Shiseido Makeup Artist Director Dick Page created 3 Looks for Spring and Summer 2015. However, since luscious lips and smokey eyes are a timeless trend in the fall, this look is ideal and makes every face look super sexy.

Lips:  Bright red lips are the focus of this makeup look and a must-have for autumn. The Veiled Rouge Lipsticks by Shiseido contain reflective particles that give the lips a soft shine and make them look fuller and youthful.

Eyebrows: Style your eyebrows in a perfect manner with the Eyebrow Styling Compact by Shiseido. Natural looking definition is key for this look and emphasizes the eyes.

Eyes: The color Taupe is a special trend this season and is absolutely hyped thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner. The Shimmering Cream Eye Color  by Shiseido can easily be applied to the eyelids and will give you a beautiful, shimmering look.

More Information: www.shiseido.com