The difference between Asian and American Makeup is about as big as day and night. While in America it is all about using as much makeup as possible and various techniques are being used, in Asia people try to limit their makeup to the least possible and to make the look appear as natural as possible.

Eyes: While in America there is more emphasis on the eye shadow and the technique with which it is applied, people in Japan try to change the shape of the eyes as discreetly as possible. Eyeshadows are hardly used.

Face: Highlighting and countouring is absolutely hyped in the US , whereas in Japan it is rather a no-go. The Japanese version of contouring is a lot more natural and there is no way you will see strong contrasts and sharp edges. A matte finish of the skin is also less popular since a natural look is priority.

Eyebrows: The typical ,Instabrows’ go around to the world at the moment and not only America tries rereate them. In Japan it is not considered a trend, since the focus is placed on a soft and invisible way of correcting.

Overall, the Japanese makeup style is focused on changing the face in a very discreet way.  In the western world people like to focus on the colors and how you place them on your eyes.


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