The Old Skool Cafe in San Francisco is probably one of the most individual cafes ever. The restaurant or cafe not only offers delicious food, it is also based on a social concept that makes it really worth spending your money here.

The main goal of the cafe is to offer young people with a difficult background defined by poverty, abuse or crime a way out and to help them financially, as well as giving them a supportive environment. Thus, the Old Skool Cafe is giving these youngsters professional training, which they will need in order to get their desired job in the gastronomy. Therefore you will only meet employees aged 16 to 22 in the cafe, which ensures a young and fresh environment.

In addition, the delicious food of the restaurant is at least as good as the idea behind it. The tasty dishes are maybe not meant for the fitness lovers among us. But foodies and self-declared hedonists will consider this cafe a real paradise. The menu consists of a selection of recipes that will remind you of your youth and childhood. To be precise, the cafe serves typical food  you grew up with, however in an elevated form. The motto ‘food as cure’ describes the Old Skool Cafe best. Come here to cure yourself of your empty stomach and your craving for incredibly delicious and enjoyable culinary delights.

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