A hectic Saturday afternoon at IKEA: You spot dozens of women scouting the aisles in hopes to find the perfect storage for the one addiction they share: Nail polishes. I myself am guilty as charged. The thing is, we buy them to treat ourselves or just out of pure boredom because: How much will a single nail polish set us back, really? That is how we end up with way too many nail polishes when in fact we only need 5 staple colors to make our nails look awesome in every kind of situation. Here are my nail polish must-haves.

White, as in Essie’s “Blanc

White is definitely one of the most versatile polishes a woman can own. You can paint your nails all white to look incredibly fashion-forward. In addition to that you don’t have to worry about matching your outfits to your nail polish color because white matches everything. You can also use a white coat underneath any color and it will instantly brighten up as well as intensify your manicure. You may use it for French manicures or even as a base for glitter polishes. The possibilities are endless. Essie’s “Blanc” has been my go-to polish for 2 years straight now.

Red, as in Essie’s “Really Red

I believe every woman out there will face moments in which she wants to go classic and yet look absolutely stunning. Essie’s “Really Red” will grant her exactly that. The classic red can be worn at Galas, Christmas balls, even on girls’ night outs.

Black, as in Essie’s “Licorice

The assumption that black is a “goth” color is more than outdated. Black is wearable, looks amazing on most skin tones and will always be en vogue.

Nude, as in Essie’s “Limo-Scene

At work, during presentations or important meetings one has to look pulled together and professional. The best way to have discreet and groomed nails is definitely Nude such as Essie’s Limo-Scene. Nudes are especially forgiving when it comes to mistakes, as they won’t be as prominent as opposed to more flashy shades.

Glitter, as in Essie’s “Set In Stones

Not technically a color. But boy, is it a staple in my books. It will immediately transform any color you wear underneath into a ready-to-go-out manicure. That’s what glitter does; turn something casual into a downright knockout. My advice: Look for Essie’s Set in Stones and prepare to be dazzled.

More Information: www.essie.com