Tights • Dawid Tomaszewski      |     Negligé • November Lingerie       |      Ring • Leo Mathild

Jewelry • Leo Mathild

Shoes • Maison Martin Margiela

Powerful and strong avant-gardism. This is what describes Dawid Tomaszewski best. The Berlin designer is pursuing extremely high standards when it comes to women’s wear. It is amazing just to watch this talented fashion creator excel himself with each new collection. Inspired by art, music and architecture, Dawid Tomaszewski simply knows how to bestow an artistic power and looks upon his pieces of clothing. His fashion is simply appealing and seems to reflect the elegance of the graceful and feminine wearer masterfully. Colored in white, grey and black, the fashion by Dawid is taking us by the hand and leading us into the world of couture.


Sexy and playful at the same time – the tights worn by our Danish, blonde beauty impress with an eye-catching pattern which look like impulsively placed, rectangular brushstrokes. Thanks to the semi-transparent fabric, the white, fairy-like skin of the mannequin is shining through. Donned with a negligee and underwear by November Lingerie, the tights become a very inviting eye catcher. This lady is waiting for her lover to seduce her. She knows what she wants and therefore is keeping a cool head, enjoying one drink or two. If you want to get near to her, she has to be the one to approach you first.

Dawid Tomaszewski’s fashion is made for the strong, independent woman who is modern and headstrong. This is pure femininity woven into breathtaking pieces of clothing.

– Anissa

We are thanking the team of Hotel COSMO for their collaboration.


Photography • Filine Fink
Hair & Make-up • Ivana Zoric
Stylist • Catharina Gerekos