Nightwear can be a foreign word to those of a younger generation, and is often (mistakenly) associated with boring wide pants and unflattering tops. However, nightwear can be a lot more than that – it has the potential to be not only creative and young, but also sensual, as in the case of the negligee. Gerhard Rösch GmbH has been a specialist in housewear for the past 6 decades, and with each passing year they perfect their designs more and more.

Their collections are more than meets the eye, and their nightwear welcomes the young modern woman with wide open arms. Their comfortable models have an added fun-factor and joyful patterns, and are sure to blend in well into every wardrobe. Enough with the lazy hobo look – why shouldn’t your house outfit be an eye-catcher?

Aside from housewear, Gerhard Rösch also specialises in swimwear and beachwear. Their 2015 line leaves its predecessors in the dust – their designs are all about finding the joy in fashion. Cheerful summery motifs and powerful colours take the lead, and their pieces accompany you to the beach, and beautify the cosy times spent at home. Gerhard Rösch occupies a special niche, supplying creative fashion specifically for the lovely hours of life.

Here is where flower-power meets comfort – I instantly fell in love with their red floral swimwear, which will reap you numerous glances on your next swimming trip. Walk pass your loved one dressed in Gerhard Rösch’s colourful shorts and matching paisley patterned shirt, and their eyes will widen for sure.

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