In the past, negligees simply meant clothing to be worn at home. Today, it stands for sensual, seductive and elegant dresses, usually worn solely in the bedroom. The negligee is an integral part of lingerie fashion, and its delicately feminine shape and fabric makes it a prime contender for replacing classic intimates. The negligee awakes a desire for more, and can also be a very naughty thing indeed.

This romantic and classy dress is available in several variants. Especially flowy materials such as silk are used for the lovingly detailed creations, which flatter the wearer’s silhouette. Their sophisticated fit and detailed waitline are sure to tickle your fantasies! Aside from silk, tulle and lace are also often incorporated.

Simple models stand opposite sophisticated and detailed creations. Most of its numerous details can be found on the neckline, waist, straps and hem, where colours and different textures are often mixed together. Appliques such as beadwork, ribbons and ruffles additionally refine and individualise their overall look. Anything is possible!

The reason for the supreme seductiveness of the negligee is because it leaves so much space for imagination. It reveal neither too little nor too much; it flatters the wearer’s figure and highlights her feminine curves. The assortment ranges from the innocent romantic to the wildly sensual!

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