When it comes to housewear and underwear, comfort comes before design does. That’s why Calida has made the decision to go for comfortable creations that put the wearer in the limelight. Their design is sophisticated and unique, but above all, their most important feature is their comfort. The typical Calida look is uncomplicated, yet sporty.

The underwear label is currently advertising their fall and winter collection of 2015/16 using the slogan “naturally me”. Calming blue shades are currently very popular in feel-good fashion, and light powdery blue, soft grey and muted white create patterns that appear on pajamas for him and her.

Longsleeves, short-sleeved shirts, leggings, bras and undershirts – Calida is fully dedicated to creations that ensure a sweet night of sleep, and a good start to the day. Every creation, from briefs to sweaters, exudes an easy-going and nonchalant charm. Go ahead and spend some cozy hours at home, engage in some sweaty workouts or settle your household matters clad in these comfy daywear pieces. Calida convinces with comfort and design!

Weitere Info: www.calida.com