Passionata  beckons us to dive into the colourful world of lingerie, and to rediscover feminine lingerie. Here is where tomorrow’s trends are coalescing into existence!

Passionata knows all about lingerie. It should breathe a seductive zephyr that enchants you as well as your lover, and Passionata is able to perfectly balance modern design and high-quality comfort. Little wonder that this label has gained such popularity amongst so many women!

Above all, their new creations stand for sexiness and sensuality. They are playful, feminine, spirited and girlish. The berry shades of fall are tremendously trendy, and pop up multiple times in this lively versatile line.

Frills, lace, stripes, ribbons and glitter – everything your heart desires can be found here. Even those with a larger bust size need not fret, as cup sizes go up to H.

Discover the world anew with this frisky lingerie line by Passionata!

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