Just like fashion, underwear is being awarded a refreshing redesign in 2015. The trends of the year are highly versatile, and there’s something for everyone out there. Be it colorful neon or nude colours, lace or cutout details, fetish or romantic elements; you’ll be able to show off your sensuality with these pieces! For those who want to get an idea of the colourful and versatile world of underwear, here’s a guide to the lingerie trends of 2015!

The first trend is neon, and it has been truly perfected this year. Colour blocking and intricate colour couplings have found their way into the lingerie wardrobe. Be it briefs or bras, the neon trend leaves nothing behind. With the help of outstanding and refined color matches, you’ll be able to create playful accents for your outfit – for example, by making the straps visible. Orange, yellow, blue and green speak volumes, and can appear either as one solid colour, or in combination with black.

Let’s continue with nude, which is THE must-have colour of the year! Nude romantic lingerie is conspicuously inconspicuous, and lifts the wearer into the foreground. Soft nuances are often mixed with lace, which brings me to trend number three, lacy lingerie.

Lace has always been unmistakably sensual, and this year, it assumes its position in the throne once more. Bras are imbued with sophisticated style, and are often presented in lace designs or as cropped bralets. The delicacy of lace is entirely unique, and serves to inspire seductiveness!

Last of all, the lingerie highlight of the year is the least tender of them all. It’s called fetish design and it’s been on everyone’s lips since 50 Shades of Grey was released. Vinyl, leather and cutout details are the main components of sexy fetish lingerie. From the corset to the bodice, from the bodysuit to the straps; the world of fetish will make your flirtiest and dirtiest dreams come true. Let loose with your wild side, and allow yourself to feel especially sensual. I too find fetish fashion the most extraordinary as well as the most attractive trend of the year!

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