Calvin Klein is an absolute legend of a label in the fashion world – and it’s not just their garments you should pay attention too, but also their underwear line.

Calvin Klein’s briefs and boxer shorts and panties are men’s classics. The label specializes in simple, muted designs that allow the well-designed cuts to stand out.

Their collection contains briefs, boxer shorts, and shorts that concentrate on emphasising a man’s masculinity. While the briefs and the shorts emphasize the body, boxer shorts represent a sporty contrast. Classic colors are a must, which is why black, grey and white have been put into the limelight. Royal blue creations also form a part of the collection.

This is classic underwear for the classy man. The label’s slogan appears on the hem, and is sometimes replaced by colorful elements.

In my opinion, Calvin Klein underwear is an ode to the stylish modern man, the businessman and the trendsetter. These pieces allow you to feel good, which in turn enables you to show off your body with a great dose of self-confidence.

Here comes a new era of classic underwear, heralded by thrilling designs and highlighted hems!

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