They are long, fierce and potentially dangerous. They also ooze raw sex appeal like no other nail look. That’s right, I am talking stiletto nails right here. They’ve been described as tacky, sometimes even a bit slutty. But recent events, especially on social networks, have shown that the celebrities cannot get enough of them. Fashion icon Rihanna even instagrammed her gorgeous pink manicure shaped like sharp cat claws on numerous occasions.

Nevertheless, you have to be aware that they’re just as impractical as they are sexy.

Here is why:

Once owning stiletto nails, your overall productivity level in life will decrease by around 50 per cent. Ever tried to pick up coins, even something as simple as a pen whilst sporting that manicure? It will end in frustration, trust me. You won’t be able to successfully apply makeup with your fingers, at least not as effectively. And forget about those smartphones, ladies. The simple act of pressing a touch screen button will take at least a whole minute as will typing in of any type of passwords or text message. The maintenance is quite costly, so think about your monthly spending power and be absolutely positive that you can afford this monthly luxury.

But at the same time you can be guaranteed to have the fiercest nails design in your clique with stiletto nails.

Image Rights: ©Instagram Nailsbymtzina