Planning to buy lingerie, but just don’t quite know where to go? Then I’ve got the right address for you! Rigby & Peller is a lingerie store that offers meticulously chosen products and individual consulting services for their clients. Of course, you can also purchase their underwear from their online shop, but their highly efficient in-store consulting will lead you to your new showpieces so much quicker!

There are several Rigby & Peller stores in Germany, namely in Krefeld, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. They’re definitely worth a visit, if only just to check out the creme de la creme of modern lingerie. Everything Rigby & Peller offer is timeless, sensual and high-quality.

Here you will find fashion by Marie Jo, Passionata, Andre Sarda, Primadonna and so much more. Their product range includes lingerie, swimwear and accessories. Skilled lingerie stylists will take you on a journey into the wonderful world of lingerie, and women of all ages and sizes are heartily welcomed. Discover your preferences, explore the latest trends, and find out your perfect size. You’ll soon realise how sexy lingerie can be, regardless of your weight or age.

Don’t miss out on their unique expert advice!

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