Marie Jo takes on dramatic femininity this autumn and winter season, in which graphical elements and cutouts play a hugely important role. The sets each consist of a pair of unique panties and a bra, and they’ve been personified by the names Marie Jo has given them. They go by “Bob”, “Elvis” or “Gene”, and whisper tales of sensuality, confidence and modernity,

Eleven different new designs are just waiting to sweeten up your cozy winter evenings spent in front of the fireplace. Each creation is waiting to be discovered by you. Various details perfect the look – each duo includes individual highlights as well as very special extras! Most creations are available in different colors, and you’ll always be able to find something to your liking.

The style is feminine without being intrusively so. The pieces haven’t been overloaded by their various embellishments, which have been carefully chosen and brought into action. As such, each piece looks especially sophisticated when combined with patterned colors. The model “Pete” mixes denim print with polka dots, and is simultaneously restrained and naughty. “Yury”, however, combines a juicy raspberry red with studs and glitter. “Kurt” represents good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll, and shows off its rocking side with leather details and a tweed pattern.

Each model has its own personality, which diffuses over to you when you put them on. You can adapt the lingerie to your everyday look oh-so-easily!

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