Likelier than not, pornographic films are just as old as the medium of film itself. However, electronic mediums are constantly undergoing change – and so is porn. Due to the huge influence of the Internet, which is the world’s main source of pornographic material today, there’s a new trend emerging in the field of porn. Now, just about anybody willing to become a porn starlet, can easily do so with the help of a camera and a working Internet connection.

The porn industry is adapting to the increased significance of the role played by the Internet in the proliferation of porn. The more porn that is being made, the more extreme and original they have to be to attract potential viewers. Young and emerging directors look to breathe new life into the industry, all by utilising the Internet to implement some rather novel concepts. Now, porn directors are flocking to Tinder, the dating app, in order to scout fresh faces for their shoots.

Imagine this: two complete strangers getting intimate in front of a camera, despite their complete lack of experience in doing so. Thanks to Tinder, they’ve got a chance to join the amateur porn industry in the blink of an eye – or should we say, with the swipe of a thumb?

Nobody really knows where this trend is headed next. But if you’ve ever planned on being the next big thing in the porn industry, it might be a good idea to update those photos on your Tinder account.