First date with your dream hunk just around the corner? Or do you want to surprise your lover? No problem! With just a few little tricks, you’ll be able to create an outfit no man could resist. It’s especially important that you feel good in your own body, and emphasising your sensuality always works. No one can resist a positive aura, charm and all.

Red and black are the colours that traditionally embody sexiness and romance. The “little black dress” is an undisputed number one when it comes to seductive outfits – available in numerous variations, you’ll be able to find at least one type of LBD that’ll flatter your body type. Show yourself off with accents on the hip, a lacy neckline, or a deep cutout located at the back area.

Whether you’re a strong, confident woman who goes for sexy low-cut mini-dresses, or a girl who likes to show off her shy side in a soft tulip skirt dress, you’ll surely be able to find your ace in the hole.

Motel Rocks is a British brand that fully dedicates itself to showing off a woman’s sensual side. Seductive mini-dresses with adorable décolleté are their secret weapon! Another advantage of the dress is that it can be worn both during winter and in summer – combine it with sandals or high heels on a balmy tropical day, or go with tights and boots for those crisp frosty days.

Jewellery is not always necessary – instead, go for colourful accents! Your best friends are nail polish in a heart-throbbing deep red, and similarly coloured lipstick (which should of course be kiss-proof.) Your last step is to put up a strict updo, or simply let your hair flow free. With this timeless outfit à la femme fatale, it’s impossible for you to ever go wrong!

Motel Rocks

Motel Rocks