Wow – the latest creations of Mein Herzblut  are simply amazing! Bavarian designer Christina Kronawitter has invented a new style in which she interprets the dirndl anew, drawing members of the young generation to her fashion. Never heard of them before? Well, it’s high time you checked these breathtaking creations. This thrilling mix of traditional attire and modern streetwear is just too hot!

Christina started off by looking for fabrics from the 70s, utilising materials such as bedding and tablecloth. These retro textile materials gave rise to unique dirndls, and each dress is unique, and completed with different details. Prefer rocking patches to fresh ruffles? No problem! There’ll be something for everybody here.

Even women who aren’t fans of dirndls have been won over by Mein Herzblut. Christina Kronawitter has created an entire range of modern traditional clothing, including blouses and tops as well as accessories and headgear. These innovative creations have a playful, modern and original air about them, all without looking dreary.

Traditional cuts are paired with modern elements, joyful colors and fresh prints. Mein Herzblut makes the tracht relevant again, and makes it attractive to the younger crowd. Above all, the feminine charm of the dirndl reigns supreme.

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