Traditional German fashion isn’t reserved solely for German designers! The label Dirndlherz®, which hails from Vienna, plays an important role in the field of dirndls. Their designers experiment with the dirndl’s femininity and it’s classic expression of strength, and they’ve managed to discover a new variant on it. Originality is very important, which is why the focus has been set on uniqueness and exclusivity. Located far away from the mainstream, these traditional costumes for her have been made available to a whole new generation.

Dirndlherz® stands for unique items, i.e. customized dirndls. One of their most important features is the open-mindedness they maintain in their work. With oriental-inspired creations, they prove that you don’t always need to follow boring traditional structures to get traditional dresses. Be it animal prints or floral explosions, future trends are being created here!

Trachts are known for their strong association with tradition, but Dirndlherz® wants to break with this convention. Cuts and details have been refreshed, while colours or prints have been taken to a whole new lebel. This is true dirndl couture – contemporary without the need to copy recent trends. The world will find it very difficult to forget the dirndl creations of this label!

A quick glance is enough to bring to your notice the sophisticated look of their various designs. They’re extraordinary and creative, and are sure to stick in everybody’s minds. From the flower power look with its rainbow apron, to the rocking dirndl covered in comic prints, this label makes legends out of traditions!

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