We all know her; most of us have played with her; many of us still dream of being like her – she’s Barbie. This undisputed icon of style has influenced the fashion world for the past 56 years, and she’s got style like nobody else has. Now, it’s time for “Barbie goes Wiesn”! This miniature icon has conquered this year’s Oktoberfest, and she’s even got Ophelia Blaimer,THE dirndl designer of Munich, on board with her!

Ophelia’s created three exceptional dirndls for Barbie. Barbie has brought two of her best girlfriends on board, and each beloved doll presents one of three magical dirndls. The first is girlish pink and strongly reminiscent of the feminine robes of a princess. It’s been kept in a typical dirndl shape with an accentuated waist, and it enchants with its rose prints, lace and silk details. The name “Pretty in Pink” speaks volumes!

However, it’s not just the dreamy pink version that goes well received in Barbie’s world. The model “Yellow Sunshine” can easily take on the pink version in terms of extravagance. The sunny yellow color is intense, strong and radiant. The yellow-white patterned look has additional ruffled details, and speaks charmingly of summer.

Number three is the “Adorable Blue”, and this piece mixes powerful blue with white. The gentle floral design ensures a relaxed excitement, which is reflected in its delightful details. All three dresses look simply perfect on our favourite timeless style icon! Despite their similarities, the different colours create an effect that’s unique to each dress. That’s the Barbie that we all know and love!

More Info: www.opheliablaimer.de