With their modern collections, Hallhuber orients itself towards the fashion-conscious fashionista who loves experimenting and defining a new style every single day. Sometimes she’s wild and rocking; sometimes she’s playful and romantic. Hallhuber also knows that every fashionista has a place in their heart for the dirndl – in contrast to the everyday look, the dirndl encourages every woman to reflect upon the roots of femininity.

It’s not only traditionalists that should therefore wear the dirndl, but also all big and small fashion enthusiasts. You can never go wrong with a dirndl, especially in the season of Oktoberfest. Hallhuber appreciates the charm of a dirndl, and has created a classic model in modern colors

This year’s dirndl range is small but mighty, and offers you three different designs. One of the dresses was designed by Melina Royer as part of the dirndl design contest. Hallhuber will also host next year’s contest, so perhaps you should start thinking up some innovative ideas 😉

The Hallhuber Dirndl is plain and simple. The waist is emphasized, but the skirt doesn’t flare out too much, instead falling down softly. Light patterns can be seen on the dirndl bodice, while the skirt remains plain and simple. Additional ruffles emphasise the neckline. At Hallhuber, the dirndl is neither too loud nor too subtle, but just right for attracting attention!

More Info: www.hallhuber.com