Daniel Fendler is, more or less, a superstar amongst the designers of traditional Bavarian attire. His traditional yet innovative creations mesmerize fans of trachts and dirndls – men, women and children fall in love with his creative designs, which always focus on the wearer’s beauty.

Daniel Fendler puts a lot of passion into his work, and he knows how to create thousands of variants on traditional wear. His cheerful feminine assortment contains not only the dirndl, but also other pieces such as aprons, skirts and blouses.

The dirndls are kept in a mostly traditional look, but they’ve been embellished with extraordinary details. Tradition stands in the limelight. Cleavage is emphasised, while thrilling colours or patterns add a touch of sophistication. Lace details on the front of the top shape the silhouette nicely.

Daniel Fendler also reveals an entirely different, more modern type of tracht, one that’s also suitable for a daily look. He’s combined his extravagant and elegant jacket with colourful button holes, jeans and blouses. Ribbon bows serve as a highlight, and their position can be adjusted to signify your relationship status. This look is fresh, classy and humorous, and will probably soon become a new trend!

More Info: www.danielfendler.com