When it comes to traditional Bavarian attire that serves both the ladies and the men, Angermaier is the first brand that comes to mind. Angermaier has a great eye for traditional creations as well as modernity. Their repertoire is huge, and you’ll definitely find be able to find your showpiece for the Oktoberfest.

The women’s collection includes dirndls, lederhosen, shirts, vests and accessories, which is pretty much everything traditional attire has to offer. Angermaier shows off their innovative side, highlighting the dirndl in various ways. This garment showcases the feminine silhouette, emphasizing flattering areas while easily hiding problematic ones. It creates some amazing contours when attention is drawn to the waist and the décolleté, and is the piece that receives the most attention in Angermaier’s assortment. It is reinterpreted from creation to creation, and there’s a clear distinction between their categories of traditional, sensual and modern.

The colour palette is vast, as well as the variety of patterns and details. The modern short dirndl shows off a most seductive side – the lacing and the blouse highlight cleavage, which is usually kept in a heart shape. Choose from girly pinks and floral patterns, or sassy colors and graphic patterns. Variations in length and design make the collection even more exciting!

There’s also short lederhosen that’s been given an extravagant touch, with details that range from traditional embroidery to rocking black. Combine them with a lace bodice, and you’ve got yourself a traditional outfit that’s nonetheless tremendously different from what everyone else has.

More Info: www.trachten-angermaier.de