Daniel Fendler is an avid fan of fashion, and he knows precisely what matters when it comes to tradition. That’s what makes his Bavarian attire collection so authentic. It offers everything a man needs for the traditional Bavarian look – be it lederhosen, vests or shirts.

Focus has been set on perfection and tradition, and Daniel Fendler leaves nothing to chance. His flawless creations pay attention to the essentials, and present the Tracht in its original look. The designer has dedicated this line to his idyll hometown of Wasserburg, and has drawn a great deal of inspiration from it.

The star of the 2015/16 season is the lederhosen, which is being offered in different styles. They live up to their name with their embroidery and high-quality leather (e.g. from rams). The knee-high lederhosen have been embellished with a bow above the knee, and serve as the meat and potatoes of the traditional look.

Muted vests with jagged cleavage and straight-line buttons can be easily combined with lederhosen. The colour palette is kept rather natural. Shirts, knitted sweaters and vests are presented in a more modern look while retaining their original style. The janker, however, has been based on the traditional design of the lederhosen, and bears a clear connection to the good ol’ days of yore.

More Information: www.danielfendler.com