In German folklore, the “Alm” is the place where traditional alpine shepherds live, isolated from the rest of civilisation, churning out cheese and watching over herds of cows. Popular TV shows like “Heidi” have given rise to a fairly romantic image of the Alm. Fans of Bavarian culture associate this sort of lifestyle with cowbells, lush meadows, mountains and beautiful sunsets. The only thing missing in such a paradisiacal scenario? A delicious sundowner to welcome the night with, of course. How about trying a few cocktails with some tasty Almdudler mixed in? These will taste great, even when consumed in the city 😉


10cl Almdudler
10cl sparkling wine
4cl Campari
fresh mint
ice cubes

Fresh and aromatic – perfect for those warm summer evenings


10cl Almdudler
10cl sparkling wine
4cl Aperol
a few slices of orange
Fruity and slightly bitter – what an amazing combination to start the night off on.

15cl Almdudler
1 lime
2 teaspoons cane sugar
Crushed Ice

Crush the lime and mix the juice with the sugar, then pour the mixture into a glass. Add the remaining ingredients, and you’ve got yourself a lovely sweet and sour cocktail.

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