Cristóbal Balenciaga is a true icon in the fashion world. A man with style who thoroughly deserves his reputation as a legend, he cites fashion as his passion. He committed himself a hundred percent to the creation of his fashion empire, and as a result this trendsetter has become a huge fashion icon. Thanks to his unique creativity, his name remains on everybody’s lips.

Born in the Basque country in 1895, he is the founder of Balenciaga, a couture label which a huge following. He was a pioneer of Haute Couture, and is known for being a perfectionist by those in the field. is deemed as a perfectionist in this segment. His destiny clearly laid with fashion since the very beginning – his interest became evident early on, and a tailoring apprenticeship marked his entry into the professional field.

After his apprenticeship, the fashion-conscious tailor founded his own boutique at the tender age of 23. Other boutiques soon followed, situated in the then-fashion metropolises such as Madrid and Barcelona. These two cities mark the focus of Spain’s fashion universe even today.

After several turbulent years, Cristóbal made his way to Paris in 1937, where he presented his own fashion line for the first time ever. With each successive year, his reputation grew even greater. Each individual collection for self-confident women met with great success. Cristóbal Balenciaga was crowned by his numerous international fans as the master of Haute Couture.

Elegance and modernity – thanks to his unique flair, Cristóbal Balenciaga is celebrated as a great couturier! In the world of ladies’ fashion, he is considered a pioneer, and his designs are celebrated worldwide for their individuality.

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