Way back during the 18th and 19th century, the dandy was indeed the ideal man. The term describes a young man whose very appearance seems to drip with style and sophistication, two attributes he projects onto his entire life. Constantly eager to dress elegantly, he nevertheless shuns excessively extravagant styles. Perfect manners, cultured behavior, charm and esprit further mark his demeanor. This lifestyle was one led almost exclusively by wealthy men, as hard work is, by definition, something the typical dandy would despise.

In restropect, such a lifestyle seems rather improbable, and a lot of people would frown upon it nowadays. However, the the fashion style of the dandy remains extremely popular to this day. If you want to go it like a dandy, you have to dress very elegantly – almost extravagantly. The suit is the go-to piece, particularly one in dark colors like grey, dark blue and black. You can further spice up your outfit by adding patterns such as stripes or dots. Don’t forget that floral ornaments are not only for women’s clothing!

In general, you can say that small accentuations are a dandy’s best friends. Elegant shoes, a hat and a pocket watch are staples no true dandy can resist. Indeed, it’s a style only real fashion nerds can pull off – but it’s a style everyone admires.