For many years, French department store chain Galeries Lafayette has guaranteed exclusive luxurious shopping. Based in Paris, the chain has long been considered a landmark by luxury lovers. The Galeries Lafayette brings the most important brands in the fashion world under one roof – brands such as Gucci, Prada and Fendi. The latest trends are thus set in the pompous halls of this department store. Little wonder that it draws in tourists, fashionistas and celebrities alike!

In the late 19th century, the first Galeries Lafayette department store was opened. Back then, it had a different name and operated on a much smaller scale. It was the birth of a luxury chain that even today continues to amaze the fashion world. Rue La Fayette No.1, Paris, remains the address of the home of luxury.

The company expanded rapidly, quickly gaining a foothold in Paris as well as other French cities. Currently, there are 64 branches of the Galeries Lafayette, including 59 in France and others in Berlin, Dubai, Jakarta, Beijing and Casablanca. The luxury department store has a huge significance in the world of fashion, as it instills in customers the inkling that brands really want to communicate with their fashion. Here, the customer is treated like a king, even as the charm of fashion overwhelms her.

The head office in Paris has a unique flair, achieved by the interplay of architecture and an inexhaustible range of luxury goods. The building is sure to impress with its striking glass dome, while the interior design of the 65 000 m² building cuts a similarly striking figure. Here is where fashion, beauty, decor, accessories and food come together. 2500 brands await visitors to the Galeries Lafayette Paris.

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