With her Minx collection for the winter season 2015/2016, Eva Lutz has playfully rediscovered the female silhouette. She experiments with the outlines of women’s bodies, as well as with modern geometry. These two contrasts merge into a new style, which depicts a cosmopolitan and urban image of women. This modern and innovative design polarises in an almost magical way. Here is the latest definition of the boho trend, and you can even see its future in it!

The collection focuses on the needs of the modern, fashion-conscious woman who does not want to change clothes a thousand times a day. Today’s self-confident woman is searching for a look that emphasizes and completes her personality; a look that can accompany her day and night. It’s a complete and perfect look that can be worn at any occasion, accompanying her to business appointments, restaurants and on shopping trips. This look can be found at Minx!

The bold, uncompromising shapes make additional accessories entirely redundant. 7/8 A-line pants and the oversize shirt with visible seams depict the woman better than ever. Cream, beige, khaki and earthy brown shades as well as black, red and pink bridge the connection between the boho look and the dreams of girls. Leather and tulle makes it all unique!

This enchanting design plays with the variety of forms and uses the expressive power of different materials. Thus, the models might seem straightforward at first sight, but look again! This is fashion that’s more than simply fun.

More Info: www.minx-mode.com