Henna tattoos are considered an old tradition in many parts of the East, where mainly women wear it at weddings. This summer, henna was a huge trend because the detailed patterns look super sexy especially on tanned skin.

The color of henna is made out of powdered and dried leaves of the henna plant. There are different colors with which you can create the tattoos. For the summer especially white henna looks amazing. The paint is applied with brushes or sticks to the hands or feet in different patterns and designs. It usually lasts only for two to five weeks, which makes it a great alternative to a real tattoo.

You can get your henna tattoo in the salon, although it’s also possible to do your personal design at home. There are different shops where you can buy either henna pencils or the ingredients to mix the color yourself. It is important though to stay away from black henna, which contains dangerous ingredients that could cause cancer. With stencils or freehand you can then draw your design on your skin and put all your creativity in it. However, it is important to remove any oil residue from the skin. After the paint dried after a few hours you can combine your tattoo with different hand jewelry to get a sexy summer look.