Handmade, produced under ethical conditions and simply beautiful – these are the accessories by Ethnic-Styles, a fashion brand that pays careful attention to sustainability and (surprise!) ethnic style. The product range includes not only homewear highlights, but also all kinds of fashion accessories for summer and winter. They are easily distinguishable thanks to their colourful, demanding and loving designs that enchant the hearts of hippie-look lovers.

In particular, belts are the must haves of the label. The designs are not only for fans of a colourful, cheerful style, but also are able to define every outfit anew while clarifying individual colour accents. The embroidered belts integrate themselves effortlessly into any look, ensuring that you’ll turn heads on the street. With these exciting creations, you can revive the flower-power movement!

The belts are weaved and traditionally hand-embroidered by Indians in Peru. The colour-rich floral design was specially developed for you by Ethnic Styles, and comes in many different colour combinations. The basic color of the belt, such as cream, olive or brown is adorned by loving flower tendrils in orange, pink, purple or wine-red. The colourfulness guarantees individuality!

More Info: www.ethnic-styles.com