Fashion label Vero Moda thrills us with their tribals this late summer, turning the plain into the exceptional. An entire tribal collection has been built upon playful prints and ethnic details that follow the summer’s must-haves with one tiny difference: the colour design. Black and white in particular make this ethnic look superbly wearable in the fall and winter.

Boho elements + classic cuts is a trend that continually progresses – it’s obvious that trendy labels such as Vero Moda won’t hesitate to dip their feet in the water! Their womenswear line is based on feminine cuts that appear refreshingly modern thanks to the Aztec prints. With an eye focused on these versatile prints, they’ve created an entirely perfect collection comprising of maxi-dresses, skirts, playful blouses and knitwear cardigans, as well as capes, blazers and mini-skirts. Even the scarf has been refreshed in a new and trendy way.

Aside from all-over prints and individual prints, the colours also make a big impact. Black and white lead the way, followed by earth tones combined with rose, orange and olive. This allows you to quickly assemble boho outfits that can be fresh, elegant or cool, all by adjusting colours, prints and styles.

Tribals not only reflect the 90s, but are also a uniquely modern representation of the ethno style! Discover the new world and be inspired by these prints!

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