Another colourful, cheerful summer is coming to an end, and now is the time for the fashion-conscious lady to adapt herself to an exciting winter season. Winter isn’t only about cozy candlelit evenings by the fireplace – the best thing about winter is feeling deliciously comfy in warm, exceptionally designed garments!

Marc Cain celebrates the upcoming fall with his collection, “The Butterfly Effect.” Reminiscent of the beauty of nature in summer even as the snowflakes drift down outside, he has coupled colourful floral and animal motifs with animal prints in muted hues. Leopard prints and flower tendrils build up an unforeseen loudness.

It’s a very special encounter between the lightness and lightheartedness of summer, and the coziness and harshness of winter. Both seasons have their own seductive sides to them, and the best of both sides has been integrated into the collection. This ensures a singular emphasis upon creativity.

From the jacquard knit sweater to the oversized cardigan; from the leather leggings to silk cloth – here, the pencil skirt meets the stretch dress while sneakers come together with a leather skirt. The jacquard knit as well as the use of leather, silk and satin refines the nobility of this season’s pieces. All in all, I consider this an exceptional prelude to autumn!

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