Lena Hoschek kicks off the winter season of 2015/16 with the “blue hour”. This young Austrian couturier presents classic femininity with an underlying multi-faceted blue. The feminine line is dominated by dresses that stand out thanks to the intensity of their colours, precious fabrics and prints. “L’heure Bleue” takes you on a trip back in time through decades of classicism.

This stunning winter collection is weaved together not only out of blue, but also deep red, soft green and cream. This colour palette allows versatile combinations, and full outfits stand proudly in the limelight alongside standalone pieces. A skirt paired with a blouse, a tapered trench coat and an elegant peplum duo exhibit a beautiful hourglass silhouette while adding a touch of the trendy vintage look.

Classic womenswear has never been so celebrated. Tried-and-true cuts can now be found in a reinvented style – Lena Hoscheck revives original fashion in her very own way! The style of the collection is elegant, ladylike and neat. The versatile pieces resemble each other in their cuts while their colors and prints differ. Both the dresses and suits follow a rather feminine line – skirts and dresses often end below the knee, a typical feature of the the vintage look. Shoulders, straps and cleavages are designed in distinct ways, including for example the typically vintage heart-shaped cleavage.

Focus has clearly been set on the waist: tight cuts highlight the body and belts, buttons and straps accentuate the figure. Monochrome, duochrome and embroidered flower motifs cast the creations in a delightful light, and soften the transition from summer to fall.

Further Info: www.press.lenahoschek.com