Just like in the past few years, the sailor look remains omnipresent today. Navy blue, stripes and anchor prints are very trendy right now, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a closet that doesn’t contain at least one of these maritime highlights. This striking look is indispensable – fashionistas, trendsetters, stars and starlets, all rely on the timelessness of the sailor outfit and its individual components.

The summer season brings us a whole host of blue and white. What other place but the beach would be the best home for this look? Where the waves quietly crash upon the san and soft winds strokes our hair, the sailor look unfolds to reveal its true self. As such, maritime designs look so lovely, especially in beachwear collections for women and men!

A striped navy-blue bikini, a red bikini with a blue ribbon, a retro swimsuit with a waist belt – these are all variants of the sailor look. In Watercult‘s Modern Retro Eye” collection, classic stripes have been coupled with colourful floral patterns. Such combinations of different patterns and styles are not uncommon, and make the swimwear a lot more interesting!

Sailor-chic trunks are perfect for the man who appreciates the maritime look trunks. Offered in blue, red and white, it impresses with its simplicity. Casual cuts determine the image of the maritime swim line, while placing an emphasis on its relaxed aura.

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