The latest version of Jean Paul Gaultier’s legendary fragrance duo, released this summer, is perfect for dauntless pirates. This limited “pirate” edition offers two scents ideal for accompanying fearless travelers on an adventure packed treasure hunt. “Classique” and “Le Male” are ready to take on every potential danger out there! They hoist the black flag of the Gaultier ship, and are ready to set sail.

The metal tins, coloured a radiant red for “Classique” and a vibrant blue for “Le Male”, have turned into studded treasure chests that feature a skull alongside the JPG emblem.

All on board!

The curves of “Classique” have been dressed in a corsage dress, and some much-needed sailor edge has been added with some typical red and white stripes. Obligatory tears from heated combat can also be spotted. A neatly tied sea knot on her black skull belt is evidence of her courage. She stands next to her ally, fiercely defending their treasures.

“Le Male”, on the other hand, wears a black and white sailor shirt featuring a purple skull on his broad chest. Instead of an eye, he sports a fabulous G, a show of his loyalty to the almighty Gaultier fleet.

The olfactory victory march

“Le Male” and “Classique” proudly pose in front of their loot. Following a heated fight in which their counterparts were roundly defeated, they captured the treasure chest for themselves. Nobody knows what really happened – was it “Classique” who beguiled her opponent with her seductive floral scent made of vanilla and a fine touch of wood? Or did “Le Male” win over the enemy with his trademark scent made of mint, lavender and soft vanilla? I would bet that it was a combination of both of them that did the trick.

The limited pirate edition “Classique” and “Le Male” by Jean Paul Gaultier can now be purchased on